Fogg Master Talc Fresh Blast

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  • Quantity: 120g
  • Helps you stay fresh & keep skin soft & smooth throughout the day
  • Body odour protection available in 4 refreshing fragrance
  • From the makers of Fogg Deodorant

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We often wonder if there is a product that could help us retain the shower like freshness throughout the day ! Get that instant burst of freshness after a shower with Fogg Fresh Series of Talc talc that will keep you rejuvenated & fresh for long hours. Suitable for both men and women, it helps you to stay refreshed to make you smell & feel beautiful. Talc, the main ingredient, is one of the softest mineral, with fine texture – found in nature, and helps to absorb the sweat. Use generously on your body to absorb sweat, fight body odour and bacteria and powder your face for smoother and brighter skin.


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