Nimyle White Citro Floor Cleaner

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 Eco-Friendly herbal solutions Nimyle citro is a strong sanitizer with fresh, naturally induced fragrance. Its unique formulation makes it an ideal product for household ” Anti-Bacterial “use while providing a clean and hygiene environment. It contains the goodness of citronella and lemongrass that keeps your home hygiene and clean.

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Can be used on all types of flooring.

Non-toxic, hence safe to use in kitchens and on tabletops.

Drives away insects such as ants, cockroaches and flies.

Sanitiser, working effectively against a range of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Removes stains from marble, granite, linoleum, mosaic, glass and ceramic surfaces.

Deodorises, leaving a fresh and lingering natural fragrance.

Non-acidic and chlorine-free, hence safe for skin.

Mixes freely with water forming an emulsion.

Ideal for drainage points, for anti-insect activity in commodes and garbage vats.

Bio-degradable and safe for marine life, thus eco-friendly.


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